Asensin eilen Firefoxin oletusselaimeksi. En tiedä vielä mikä lisäosa lähettäisi chromecastiin selaimelta videota jos mikään. Maha vääntele...


sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2021

let's see how the podist goes in this boom

 You raise me up to more than I can take... I am on your shoulders... on stormy seas...

Showered and removed body hair. Last night I was getting rid of particles on my rugs etc mats. I sowed them with baking soda first. It was a pretty dark and stormy not visible sky kind of night but it cleared up faster than it came.

The family threatened to come deep clean my flat. There's no chance they'd pay for a window cleaner to come by? I also need... A pedicurist. I had to google translate that one... well better make do with what I got. I think I fattened myself up at the coffee table worth like 0.7 kg. I don't even eat pastry. I just.. chugged down that coffee and looked at the beautiful table couldn't help myself...

Well. There was a hashtag that short people are creepy. It could've meant kids. That's not a lie.

Put on my face. Umm then, it's a Sunday so this blog post ain't count. Tomorrow shops close. Except for the shop, we are going. I want to tell people things that things they do, don't matter or work or are considered insane but they'd think I was being green but it's just economical not to do the things they'd do, ya know. I'm not a black sheep, I just bring lentils to the table, oh goth.

Anyways!!! I bought socks. Holey mine were already. Just gotta wait for the arrival. I also need like nunderwears= not babydolls just everyday bras for my size which I tried to measure last night. Used some yarn + measuring tape around the cleavage section. I'm probably a C/D/E and a 100? *shakes head*

Such "meh" this English is. Even kids can understand. Though who reads? People hear what they want to hear. I read Lord of the Rings when I was, 10 years old or less and people who are my age complain about the book in their reviews. Can you not read anymore at this age or waht

Nature brings happiness. Tolkien believed in that very much being a technophobe. These days the biodiversity's gone *hears a voice of Mr. Attenborough in her head*

ALSO. I'm watching curiosity stream but feel like I'd seen all these on youtube. Just clips right? not sponsored just cheaper than Netflix.

My generation or the next may **⍨** get a hunched back if it's not my middle name. Always typing=tendonitis, always sitting=death

What's a girl going to do? I've been good with computers since always. I don't hack and I don't code but in theory, maybe create something that might compute. I'm always exposing like, bots algorithms AI's, etc unintelligent designs and just feed them nonsense so they perk up

I mean, dear me.