Hullu saa olla mutta ei tyhmä—muut lukutaitoiset

 Herännyt kahtena aamuna viideltä ja sitten kun saisi nukkua, niin herää nukuttuaan 2,5 tuntia. Nälissään kai ottamaan aamulääkkeet, käymään...


perjantai 8. tammikuuta 2021

what you leave behind comes biting you in front

 It's weird cuz I mentioned I watched Ragnarok yesterday and I'm apparently following a fan page of the Loki actor. I saw his story first on Facebook this morning though it had been 20 hours ago. I went to check on the page and wasn't able to or didn't have right to see any of the older posts even though others had commented on them. Oh well.

Also on like, TikTok they show me mostly the gay part of tiktok. There must be a misunderstanding happened somewhere I'd rather see Harry Potter content-- but I mean, boys can be potterheads too and it's kinda confusing when they have the house sorted out and flat tummies with a hint of abs. I've already let go of collecting the merchandise and playing along with the world JKR built. 

I mean, it's like always having to have the latest Apple phone. A slippery slope of spending money to her castle. The last book I bought was an unofficial book about Snape, professor Severus Snape without the character Voldemort wouldn't have known of the prophecy and without him the books would have fell flat. All the million words in it and I hated the most where Snape is shouting in the third book. Some people claim he didn't shout but I can't even open my translation of the book anymore to just prove this point. People argue everything.

Anyway I was speaking English yesterday. I used 'quite' pretty often perhaps trying to sound British. She's not from these parts, my friend uses words like "whitewashing". She had a couple of essays to do on world-building and her animation thing. I would suck at writing essays. I've tried so hard to write for years on my blog but I still can't write worth a damn. But yeah, how was school?

Alridy time's up can't type no more bye

always comes sooner than I think