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 Pesin pyykkiä ja robotti-imuri Ruttunen hoiti lattiat. Siinä oli kyllä touhua tarpeeksi. Keitin teetä ja kahvia, luin luvun kirjaa. (This B...


tiistai 1. joulukuuta 2020

mars wearables my astronatus

 Crafted and crafted my pretask for media studies in English at TAMK. Why should they have me in their programme. I'm so puzzled. Not sure anymore of anything.

Killed my darlings yet there was too many characters in my text. How is under 400 words double the 1000 characters. PhuQ.

My English may be superbè

but... how is it REA-ly

Tsk. It's after midnight so it's December so I can open the first hatch of my Xmas Advent Calendar!!! JOY TO ME.