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tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2020

The Thin woman’s brain audiobook

 I listened 1,5 hours into this book I’ve had for years. It’s about food addiction and how most thin women get their enjoyment (dopamine) in other things, not food, or they only eat what they know they need to have sufficient energy of the size of their stomachs& aren’t afraid to waste food if it isn’t enjoyable. By food it means healthy not added things that make you more addicted. Not brain hunger that makes you salivate etc crave and plan your next meal like food was priority.

Fat people are addicted and enjoy food less or need to have more to get that fix.

I thought I missed breakfast as I just drank some aspartamine flavored fizzy drink and left to get stuff from pharmacy downtown. I came back through the grocery shop where I bought cookies crisps chocolate but also nuts&dried cranberries, yogurt and mini carrots. I started my binge with the carrots, had the yogurt with large spoon in one go etc had 1/4 of the chocolate and devoured most of the chips and some nuts. I put the rest away and caffeine/aspartamine cola to fridge. I realised it was only 10-11 am so that was my breakfast snacks

What sugarfree does is trick your brain rest of the food has as little calories...

Dont end up like me. I’m not happy with my body? I dont think I’d be happy as thin either.

Most diets fail and you’ll gain all back. Selfdisicpline isn’t an endless resource. You’ll have to value staying thin more than the comfort of food and the addiction that can follow often times

Food should be flavorful. Add spices not extra calories from hidden sugars. Women have better taste buds..

The movie to the bone that doctor played by that matrix movie guy said something like “food is boring. We don’t talk about food here” it was odd... all food is basically carbon

We burn it with digestion. Our brain doesn’t know if we’re fat or not. It can hold on to everything by storing for later if it’s afraid of famine

Since when did anyone you know die of starvation? A study on rats/mice who got to press either electrical stimulation to their brains pleasure areas or for food most died of never getting the food over feeling good. Pleasure over needs. Addiction killed those rats. You can choose. Thin women get options.

Laters :wave:

Tollaisen kirjoitin. Teen ehkä jonkun kastikkeen soijarouheesta päivälliseksi. Jos siihen sopisi ruokakerma? Keitän perunoita. Toisaalta olen syönyt varmaan jo liikaa kaloreita ennen 12. Huoh. Vihaan tätä suunnittelua mikä liittyy syömiseen ;)