We are just the galaxies dreaming about themselves dear star matter

I noticed Gmail has a new logo. I watched a Justin Bieber music video.

 Looked up my own blog posts from this January. I don't think I wrote about which videos I saw on there about the Wuhan situation before covid_19 was a pandemic. But yeah, Bill Gates in 2015 saying peoples aren't ready for one. I saw a meme this morning about Finland having -1 covid deaths. Haha.

Can't believe it's 10 years since ...never say never= Never start a quote with a negative command

I heard on radio there was a new album coming out and my rage against Justiina Piiperö heightened. I shouldn't just pass everything as bullshit before knowing more

I follow a youtuber's 100 lbs weight loss journey? She's done a few challenges and was on track. Whoa. *looks at the wrapper of the 2000 calorie chocolate bar*

My phone's notifications are sometimes old. Like, they tell me stuff I've seen.

...on TikTok I saw someone's live since 2 months. How weird does time work. Well, I try to care until I don't.

Ordered socks from my blog's own ad. I mean, I didn't click on the ad I just searched the store and found something to purchase. Underwear.

Bored. Someone keeps refilling my hair brush with hair. I think I'll stop smoking for like, a couple of weeks. I'd rather eat. But since when did I follow my own advice?

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