maanantai 19. lokakuuta 2020

let's parteeh my dear dobby's


I have an inner need to create media. By media I mean... text&pictures. Oh the horror! I'm not a pefectionist, just painstaking scrupulous or conscientious... I hate details, I thought "tunnollinen" means like a good working person... but I guess that's BORING like any muggle job...

on that note: everyday is Halloween, and every snowflake is special

Story went like this: It was a bright, snowy morning. I woke up from yet another dream, as I have a vivid imation even in sleep! I finally got around to heating some kale soup in the microwave and putting on some socks. I tried the shoes on mom had sent me again because seemed like my right foor is bigger than my left. I even noticed there was two zippers on the shoes! They were a bit snug. I tweeted some things and pictures, had a call from a double booked event that was rescheduled again and I might have to move some things on my calendar that aren't life or death, but I'd like if things flowed nicely. Appointments after one another yet I seem to go anywhere.

"your gifs are belong to us"

But one day at a time. One nipz story at one matter at a time. Frame by frame. We cannot do this!

Also have fun kiddos.


Tässä näemme mitä tapahtuu jos ei osaa copy+paste toimintoa käyttää oikeaoppisesti:

(Mutta kyllä mä opettelen my dear googlesters)

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