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lauantai 22. elokuuta 2020

You are so ugly you don't deserve to live

Let my feelings calm down before writing? Never! I need a consience.
Can't wait to hear from my best friend. When she's coming here. I woke up early-ish. It's a cold morning yet I had window and door open all night and it's still 25 degrees Celsius. I have only had coffee and we're making something from veggies?
I have a long sleeved red and black striped shirt on I ripped off a hanger. I think it was on the plus size section a few years back. I had an email from Spotify about one of my playlists. I had to refresh it a million times etc but finally it includes new songs now of the week.
I painted my eyebrows.
Some people don't know why I have curved eyebrows. Scientifically it means my childhood was happy but who'd know that? Who'd believe that? Not anyone who cares. I've tried to pluck them very thin since I was a teen but that made me look even older.
My weight isn't laziness, it's more of a story that everyone reads by the cover. Just throw the dust cover to the bin where it belongs.
What else... how to respond to the hate comments... using logic and intellect. Usually they need no response. People may wallow in their hormonal juices of unhappiness for all I care.
how-old.net robot I tested yesterday and according to it I look a few years younger than I am. Must be all my beauty sleep. I don't feel 50. My hands are the same size as when I was 15. There is nothing wrong with me just because people find being a bitch at me is their idea of sexy.
Character development. The Gotham series is on pause right now cause the riddler, penguin, etc seem to develop so slowly.. Bruce Wayne is a kid being cute with Cat. I wonder when they fall out? I've seen Poison Ivy as a kid, too and what else there have been. Robin's dad? lol. There's so much violence and zooming in between jim gordons' face to see him make a serious look. All the baddies backgrounds are like some sort of easter eggs.