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lauantai 15. elokuuta 2020

Weight loss community on Amino apps with me being the leader (gets a bit sciency)

Oops I thought I posted here last time I visited.

It seems there are issues here. Growing kids have to eat and fat is necessary to function of your brains, heart, lungs... 1200 calories is a minimum for most ages just to survive, and you are not a baby.

Don’t make any decisions alone based on what anyone on the internet says, they usually have their own interests at play.

Parents sometimes are tough but their main purpose is to keep you alive.

Stay safe kiddos

Do you wish to be more regulated? Have fiber!

I hope you are alive, well, and food is not your enemy.

The rich value their time more than filling the bellies of the poor. The solution of Marie Antoinette ”let them eat cake” had her beheaded. Yes History is ugly.

Remember that there is no straight line to success, it is not a straight line

We will be influenced by many marketing strategies and false hopes. That’s what you are getting if you want a solution right then and there.

Thin people actually enjoy some kind of exercise. They stop when they have filled their bellies and not stretch them more.

Balance, harmony and peace!!

What sort of fairies sew my clothes tighter every night

Counting calories is a tool, a mindset, it can predict how much you are going to weigh if you eat the same amount for a long time. 7000 calories is one kilogram and 1 pound 3500 calories.

Not fairies but unit of energy. Food labels should tell you whats in it and there are added not natural things put in food that tricks your brain wanting more or thinking other food is going to be less calorie also.

Best thing is eat what nature gave you and not go for colorful packaging, that’s worst! Not to mention how poor nutrition is with mass produce and farm animals getting steroids to be more beefy. It’s all very theorific and your metabolism should take care of you.

Everything is stored unless used.

Fat cells don’t die, only get smaller.

I have a question about calories no one has proper answered yet: when is a calorie not a calorie?

Battery low

My poor phone is heating up. This app is to blame. I don’t always give my input and you would have to dig for a summary of what my opinion is on a given subject.

I have made other communities and they’ve been just as dissatisfied with my lack of involvement.

I have psychotherapy and my 2nd year is coming to an end without us much delving into my possible binging disorder. Feelings are tricky and possibly forgotten underlying, just floating around making me binge.

I was 66kg in 2009 since then gaining weight rapidly 10kg per year pretty much. I exercised and could eat what I wanted. Nobody believed. I was disheartened. Do I care? Today I woke up wanting to exercise. All the apps required paid subscriptions. I did jumping jacks, squats and halo& shoulder press sets with my 5kg weight plate. My retro fitness bike collects dust.

I wish I had a schedule. I wish I knew the best time to exercise and not finish all of the food I am in control of buying and making.

Finally I just don’t want to be morbidly obese because it’s not nice. I’m not diabetic but I sleep with a mask on for sleep apnea. I sweat and I pant and I curse when the lift in my building doesn’t work, I have to shower extra and there’s Compulsive hoarders on tv that my friend recommended me to watch.

I have an education, not a lot of work experience and every mean internet troll already knows my weak spots.

I didn’t used to have tits. I used to have pimples.

I still have a rare skin condition and other annoying grievances. I’m human and I’m an adult and you can call me ma’am or a blogger and ask anything

I’m no expert. Repeat your set 18 times and don’t stop for nothing. Drink water and lift your legs up. Hug a pillow or a tree. This isn’t freedomlandia

So if you read this far I’m not even mad


If you ate chicken off the bones and saw how much of them piled up. You would eat less than if the bones were constantly cleaned out of your sight. This was some psychological test. There are more ways you are tricked by shops. Temperature, music, colors, lights, isles set up so you would choose unhealthy options. Packaging so that it makes you think it was the best natural option. Do you use 30 seconds to decide what to buy or less. Gives me anxiety just thinking about it. Sugar free, fat free, keto, its all the same tricks. More is better always. Costs go down the more you are able to sell. Nothing goes to waste right?

We are all addicted to something and everyone does something else to run away from other things and you’d be surprised how little people cared.

Sweat is fat crying.

Brown fat under tissue does burn calories

Reply to: 𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒

Homeostasis. Does Earth warm itself up because it is using more energy or have we depleted her energy sources 1.5x? I read in a nursing book that humans are not reptiles and can affect their body temperature. It can be low or if the body fights it gets a fever and if you don’t get energy you grow hair to protect yourself. I live in a country that is cold and if you jog in freezing temperatures or dip yourself in freezing lakes you get a high from blood flowing faster. Like it’s not so simple as eating ice cubes only because that’s not how energy works and there’s no minus calories.

You sleep better when it’s colder. Also it’s a nice way to die, just freeze and not feel a thing.





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