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 Station's Staff of Destiny: Nonbelievers Need Not Apply I had a conversation with my best friend about rainbows, trees, and the plight ...


perjantai 15. toukokuuta 2020

Storymode ON

Life is not always this busy while staying inside. The friend came over (single guy had a crush on me🌹) and apparently his mother has more followers on instagram than him. It's a photographer! Showed me her squirrel+snowing gram story. Soooo inspiring, I just did not bother this morning!!

I'm playing pokemon go right now, there are new tasks again, it just never stops... I was gaining xp on pokéjobs for hours around noon on my switch. I have gotten an email from a shop selling games and there is no shipping right now. I grabbed 180eur worth of games to my cart and then exited the site from my Safari mobile browser. Then I looked up the games I really liked to see from the online shop where I can download games and comparing prices, I downloaded and played a couple of demo's...

Ended up just playing what I already had, and my relative told me not to buy one of the games and gave me 30 euros L_M_A_O.

I need a chord to recharge the power bank I purchased a year ago which isn't working cause I can't charge it with electricity... it's supposed to give me 2x a full battery charge on the phone and fast etc. It costs 3 euros in a shop 10 minute drive from here that I need but the shop at a walking distance sells it 15-25 euros and I need to buy a light bulb too or if I went to ikea and drive the bus there etc it would cost me the fare twice.... Thinking my priorities here. Easiest would be if a friend lent me one of his extra cables but I guess he said it's his phones cable so he might not have another one like it :P

I'm going thereee next weekend and we're having a mixed sex sauna haha well just the two of us. His rent is lower than mine yet his house is bigger (same as I had previously) but he said this place looks bigger maybe it's the light etc stuff
He put a deposit on it though so he could buy it if he had some kind of other money which isn't just passed down.

So.... games I WANT, that are 100% nostalgic for me, were:

  • Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Don't Dry
  • Aladdin and Lion King (those looked exactly like the 90's PC games OMG)

well, that's 3 games
but then there were MARVEL and POKÉMON gggggames, like... I can roleplay as a pokemon AND then there were superheroes?? I did not see any X-men though and the DEMO "said" I'm a gullible calm person like Charmander??!! I'd chosen Cubone (ground) as my male pokemon buddy team member......

Was supposed to eat hours ago some kind of evening meal/snack like dark rye bread but I've just seen my fave celeb on TikTok AAaaanNNDDDdd

I dunnoes just followed my fave fave granny fan-old band of since 2004's page on instagram YESTERDAY so, excuse me for taking the long scenic route at EVERYwhen ALLways,,,, I'm gonna be like my mom's mom and spend my retired years at a facility so I don't need to adulting anymore I can focus on crazy and so on... Right now I'm foooccussed on being eating and drinking healthier, quitting smokes and cigarettes next week (stupid EU regulations) and ummm too much of mistakes but you got to make them first to learn from. RIGHT!

*inner charmander cries*