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Mulla on likainen olo. Olen nukkunut koko päivän. Sen verran kirjoitin eilen. Tänään oli pakko nousta, kun tuodaan jotain bataattihässäkkää ...


lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2020

What is the umbrella term for even existing as a passionate blogger every day for 6+years *brushes dust off myself*

sontsan alla/under my umbrella
blogging ideas, kind of
(what is my niche? Why can't I create one with an online free niche tool,  analyzer)

  • what to do around my city
  • style
  • skincare
  • retirement (disabilities) yo hi social service's employees just speaking about illness as if through a dream here and after many years of rehabilitation my ass
  • TV without owning such apparatus
  • Popular things I hate because the list is long (Finnish comedy and stand-up, the noise some people call music, Big Brother 247)
  • what's in my bag after I spin the nearest pokemon go stop nearby?
  • Freelancing 
->that's pretty nonexistent cause I get asked for things but they don't follow through, decide different, come up with another solution you know the drill
  • getting blamed for absolutely nothing being my fault thanks mum or just therapeutic writing about childhood and innocence and how I got to basically raise myself and be strong

Well today I wondered how to get new readers on kitujainen.com. RSS directory building. Last night I thought whether I should do a giveaway, again. BUT; There's a time to give and not to give. I just watched a popular makeup artist on youtube confess all the money he's made, he now owes. Yikes. Oh noes. This is why you're going to need an understanding of how anything works. You are a dummy until you have billions in your pocket from doing so. Sure.
I'm not going to call you a lion if you're a kitten. baby, a tiger has to own/gain his or her stripes. Not talking in a sense about those stretch marks that you get on your skin when you grow too fast.

As a smoker for a few years of menthol cigs, I have orcanic cotton q-tips to clear my nose from any gross tobacco residue. When I start to care about a guy I notice and start picking the hair on their ears if they're usually older. I don't pop like pimples but close enough. Long invisible hair is starting to grow on my lower parts of the face so that's terrible. They feel like a meter long. Of course you could trim your nose hair sometimes. Keep it out of other people's business.

I wear black clothes a lot.
I watch these days, The Survivor, Supernatural, Walking Dead, some diet/cooking/etc shows on random too, and movies as they come out but most series just end after a couple of seasons so I've binge watched a lot of those from Netflix that I don't currently even pay for. My birthday party on first grade was a horror party we watched a movie on vhs called, Wolf with Jack Nicholson as a werewolf. Sorry mum I was watching X-files and Buffy the vampire slayer at midnight when I was around ten. Reason behind not getting nightmares or being messed up?
Well... am I afraid of the dark?
I've always wanted to have proficient English AND I've always wanted to be a witch for example and basically, want to remember complex stuff forever since I hear it for the first time, and of course it sounds bloody genious or just slightly autistic logic.

There's no space for Posse or Putous in my humor. Why all the comedy shit begins with a p? The characters are childish and nope.

in summary my blogging is just SOC. stream of consciousness. It's what I do not who I am. I can skip ads and I can downvote songs so they would not be recommended anymore for my displeasure only but yeah do as you otherwise would have anyway and try to act, pleased of help, not aggravated for criticism that you couldn't do something.... you are not alone sort of, so a mask you must wear for those people, whose role it is to be helping though habitually making it worse
May subject to change–
not to be given in return,
yours like a boundless source of bliss
myself and I. Survive will do yeah this rat's ass much of chitchat

so bad it's almost nice