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torstai 18. heinäkuuta 2019

hysterical laughter is none of your pain

sorry to spam with links to adult things. Was already banned by twitter from their statistics (for Ad usage but cmon I know I get lots of traffic yolo..).

Don't know what's normal, also
Lost virginity in 2010 around age of 22 because of the linked site's "help".
I almost didn't register because by proving I'm human I had to write the word 'fucker' which lead me to think it surely was no ordinary site.

I always knew I was going to be a serial fucker if I ever got out of my asexual state. Always knew there were random guys looking for no string attached and, I've been to involuntary admission for meeting them, too.


Don't worry I've made 0.46 dollars on being an erotic model (?) already which is more than, the less than two dollars of commission, I made from a Wiccan tshirt design on redbubble ((to someone in Florida that was on the news for court winning a case against DISCRIMINITATION because of beliefs (atheist, wiccan) I read it on Washington Times, after someone shared it on my Wicca group))

be gay, do crime     - on a tshirt you could buy

Well let all the flowers bloom... in WWII times it was a crime and it's been an illness.
*mutters something about circular economy and two sides of the same coin*

Everything's political in life or GTFO.

So I had the login info saved and hadn't gone to the site in a few years but whatever made me go back... I was forced to close down the profile actually but I cheated with a duplicate. Always been making multiple accounts since then. why!

Haven't really slept last night but that isn't the problem either, I've had some saved up sleep lately
Censorship is kinda stupid because it's a free country but maybe I should respect the way English has meaning that non-ambiguous Finnish doesn't. We're rude, shy, broody, depressed alchoholics with lots of guts and hard determination to adapt our minds to the harsh environment that is winter and darkness most of the year.

Maybe anyone did not know those things. World views be so small. You can do a lot of crime and get out of it too or so I heard. People get holidays from prison and if you haven't been convicted in three years you're born first-timer again.. not sure I believe it but Finnish prison sounds a bit like a free roof on top and meals free and better than some very old people's living conditions. Haven't been and probably wouldn't survive there just imo

I only do tweet-a-thons and facebook jail or numbness in my limbs from scrolling too much instagram or marketplaces giveaways and video ads to quickly swipe away from...

I have good memories of the yahoo messenger from the 90's but it was not really that good if I've just kept one random screenshot of chatting to 3 random guys at the same time (kinda rare for me that)

where was I... 

eyes getting half-closed. Typing what I can't unsee because I take so little photos in a day oh dear oh eek oh noes

sweethearts this is pretty dull and I should make so that I would kill my darlings, like what can I leave out without it affecting the... never mind :I

Undergo that male brain surgery I should. I get enough spam targeted to males anyway but who wouldn't know I'm just wifey material.

Seriously this one dude from the site took me walking around the centre of downtown until I asked where he was going so he said he was looking for apartments because I had felt so tight. *eye roll*

Oh man, oh dude. Bro. 🐥

Feels great not to associate with anyone those words. Slut, bitch, it's all good and I sound high or medicated or whatever but genie in a bottle I wish I could type faster so the genie gave me shorter nails hehe

Good joke there. the end. don't be all serotonin and dopamine if, you read this way down skimming quick whether I had anything to say which I don't because if someone registers I get 100 points and then I don't need those points for anything either. How nonexciting truly unruly alright gotta go now bye I type slow... I should be a hacker not a writer, not a lover but a fighter. Depends how I keep on rollin' if they, keep on hatin'