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maanantai 8. heinäkuuta 2019

Food is a hug on the inside, and owning stuff is a smile on the face

Downloaded a book called The Year of Less on audible.  I actually didn't buy anything for two months (60+days) in January and February. I guess I bought stamps and then my festival ticket so I quit counting days. I've only ordered colored contact lenses and cheap Made in China things and just a couple of clothing items.

I sold my TV and been giving away books, the bookself was my ex fiance's so he came recently to throw the montrocity away. I'm also giving away blankets and old curtains for charity atm. I gave away a muffin maker, yoga mat, most of my nail polishes, a box of electronics like iphone 4 and cables, I could still give away a sofa bed, I don't need the nordic walking sticks but yeah item at a time. I have some trinkets and souvenirs and games and a lot of mail art and letters, old diaries and empty notebooks... I don't use half the tools in my kitchen drawers and I have too much foil. I used to knit too, now I have one project only. I keep too many candles, though.

I don't drink often but I smoke and I'm in debt on a small pension and too high rent so that's always 100% stressful. I eat cheap random things, noodles porridge macaroni popcorn etc and a kilo of apples lasts a few weeks

I haven't spent less on makeup and selfcare or hygiene but I need those important things. A beauty mirror and all my beauty stuff is on my kitchen table where I blog and have this MacBook Air. I got this before going to study printing and media and don't want to ever go back to PC's and I can't even remember the password to my old laptop and it's probably years out of updates.

*goes into deep thoughts about things and how I've inherited so much things from others*