oh fellas. oh boys. doesn't threaten my own sex that you two are gays. Call the devil woh, woh

Not sure if it's something I ate or whether I feel so nauseated because Shadowhunters had an ending that's supposed to get you in tears and feeling so much it's nauseating??

I should do things and tomorrow is a busy day but I'm in a rut. Thank goodness it's only 3PM. I tried to sleep a lot today but it was impossible to rest any longer in a horizontal position.

What do I do anymore. What can I do? I've lost the most important things to me in life. I wish I had got something instead. It's just not clear to see when I'm filled with the negative side of thoughts.

I mean, I did almost kind of fall asleep but, only because I was listening to an audiobook and concentrating on that. I don't know why that works...


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Hei äijä, minne veit uneni? (dude, where's my sleep)

Paljastettu, lahjomaton, uhkailematon ja muutenkin täysin paljailla, ok?

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