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lauantai 4. toukokuuta 2019

Come and fuck my life, I meant Wi-Fi?

I'm hurting from both ends. The device in my uterus and my head.
Can't remember if I took a painkiller but probably did, yeah a gram of paracetamol. My fave celeb was in instagram live in a racing event from Norway. Then I watched pornhub and after that I listened to a podcast with him on it. Played some Greek war game and started war so I don't think that'll last for very long but I'm playing on my android a secondary account which was attacked so I'm retaliating with the main.

I made a pot of coffee and my popcorn burnt and I put tabasco on it as well like what the facktual fuckering fuckers huh??? The taste in my mouth is pretty horrible but at least my nose isn't running and not tickling like it did at neighbors place. Stupid allergies. *sneezes three times*

I left and asked for a kiss so he barely pecked me on a lip. Had to ask what was that, so then we had a proper French kiss with tongues I think he did jokingly but it's getting better between us I hope. He's learning. I slept for a few hours while he was playing PS4 and then around 3am both of us got to bed. I woke him up around ten and eleven. He had to go the toilet and I wasn't even moist but then he was behind me already on the edge of the bed (he's taller than me) and like leaning forward. He says instead of "cumming", that he's "feeling" which is hilarious.

I don't know what else. Watching Naked Survivors and Flight Accident Inestigators or whatever on tv and talking don't know what's happening. maybe. I guess feeling appreciated that someone's listening.

I know his weak spots. He has never invited me over but I know how to invite myself over. I could ask for cigarettes (he smoked a pack a day almost as well). I guess I owe him a bit of money cuz I loan like twenty euros every few weeks but I told him the fees of sexworkers and I'm pretty cheap for a night than for example actual tramps (400eur/night). He joked I should pay him because of his hairyness "Turkish experience" and he's always saying sexist things about women like last night about his female assistant perk on the game he's playing that women are replaceable

It's taking me ages to write. I'm a little rusty and it's not my native language. I'm listening to pop from Spotify it's recommending.(: it's either hard rock with grunge vibes or mellow pop

Played around with glitter glue last night and Pinterest is recommending learning disability and kids activity pins to me... groan.

The ground had snow last night but it didn't stick to the ground. It's supposed to be warm. The winter is creeping back and has made a comeback twice now. Weather is so unpredictable we have weather warnings for ice and fire at the same time. Snowing and sun shining. It's like me, laughing after tears, smiling through the pain.

Boobs. I am so angry that they're making Big Brother again for television. I hate it. I also hate Finnish stand-up comedy with their stupid costumes/characters. Tempation Island Suomi is something i'd rather watch just because it spells TIS(si)🌴 and tissit are boobs.

I can't believe I care so much about TV when I don't even own one anymore. I did consider quitting playing pokemon go. I don't get the newer pokemon anymore. It's enough to catch one pokemon and visit one gym or stop every day and that requires opening the game or so pretty much only....

Hell yeah. Everyone leaves. Who cares. Some people only wonder. Ponderings. I won't be your muse.