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 Olen vain nukkunut, eikä täälläkään ole käynyt ketään lukijoita. Niin masentavaa. Tai siis nukuin eilen ja tänäänkin heräsin vasta neljän j...

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Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland


keskiviikko 29. toukokuuta 2019


Busy busy busy
I made a font in 2018 nearby my birthday and it only occurred to me now to try and sell it :D:D
It's just a regular font with no variations, might be kinda hard to tell

It's trending on Twitter that Jon Snow went to rehab<3 I do love his curls and looks and especially when he had muscular sword yielding arms. But the three-eyed-raven is now King and you better kneel Targaryen

Woke up pretty dumb but I've had stupid coffee already

Not sure internets. Not sure about anything at all...


unexpectedly I continue this draft of mine. I got a meetup in a restaurant in a few hours, just some students from college celebrating graduation, perhaps a teacher pops up with them as well to eat. Nordic pub cousine

good at English meh
Not sure what to wear. Haven't washed clothes in a month but can still be comfortable at home. I guess I can't go with torn jeans and a black band tshirt. I'll have to put make up on. Shoes! This is getting out of hand.. on the other hand I feel homeless and not affording anything but then I feel like I'd, be self-sustainable for years, to fly past