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Liian pieni tarve  Mulla on huono kunto. Ei tule lähdettyä kävelylle. Rakennuksessa on ilmainen sali ja itselläni kuntopyörä ja painot. Mull...


maanantai 22. huhtikuuta 2024

Days melt into one another

 Eyes hurt, ears hurt and heart has papercuts but most importantly brains think age inappropriate things

I took a muscle relaxant last night. It wore off in a few hours. I had been walking unusually more than my daily 1000 steps around my flat. Averaging 5k steps per day. 9 kilometers on Saturday and with a heavy bag 

My guest left to a hostel in Helsinki. I made bacon and egg for him for breakfast. I woke up and like masturbated for half an hour first. There wasn’t anything passionate between us and he was super German. His Chinese zodiac was the careful and peaceful Rabbit- we are total opposites 

It is reading week, UN book/copyright day tomorrow.

I listened to audiobooks more past few years than physical.

What else?