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sunnuntai 31. maaliskuuta 2024

Slowly reply

 Hello mr M.

Thanks for the questions 

I do artist trading cards, or atc’s. They are meant to be traded. I usually do a background and draw or paint a centerpiece on the small card by hand. Some do collage etc mixed media…

I live next to a bit of forest. Bugs and birds on my balcony bring nature closer. They are building a pond nearby though. Not sure why.

I read Lord of the Rings when I was 10. After them came potterholism. My mother is almost same age as jk rowling, just one week apart. I read S.King books too, 90’s horror stories for young adults, Sweet Valley High and Babysitter Club  

my first school library book was Michael Ende’s Night of the Wishes. It made me want to become a witch, so that was most meaningul I suppose. I’ve turned to audiobooks these days. I should use library more often…

I’ve seen at least 1300 movies or something mostly adventure, fantasy, sci-fi. All Marvel’s X-men. Uncle had some comics in the 90s

I was at a friend’s b-day party on Saturday. On Friday I stayed the night at grandmas& uncles cat. I’m not a cat person, but she was alright.

Easter… i have a large dish of pasha in the fridge not touched yet.. type of dessert originating East of Finland, I suppose.

Been feeling a tummy ache but relieved from it after I was back home again, maybe just wind

Watched Finnish Top Gear, a car show on tv. 1/3 commentators on it is the stand up comedian I’m seeing in July at summer theatre for new jokes stuff

I could write a lot actually but its past 4am.. I’ve been making tiktoks all night. AI content really, music and such… sucks I don’t get notifications from Live streams I’d like to see I’ve been a top member in. You know actor Chad Lindberg? Been kept out of his Lives and don’t know why! 

anyways, keep me posted. I appreciate that my letters aren’t utter dribble.. 🤣🤩