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lauantai 24. helmikuuta 2024

To get food on my table is a mission unpossibleūü§°

This month, I'm actually struggling. :P:D I even sold some of my old games that are actually worth something. A bar of chocolate per day isn't sustainable... Im outta noodles, and the energy drink is the only thing that got my eyes open today. I should start to make coffee apparently! I need to eat better I know. Cause of le diabeetus also... but I've always been picky and it lead to pretty non-nutritious food choices. I don't eat pastry or fast food or drink all day, depends how you define fast, easy and half-ready meals... well it's bad. Living to eat. Alivening myself, or the hunger takes me. I could be a cannibal but not much calories in ejaculate. My worshipper brought vodka and salt on a stick this week and I've still got em pretzchels...
my typos sounds like American anglaise..fawks
Tiiiiiime is a long while to be living alone in the wild. Just this stupid flat for years inside four walls. if I wasn't going nuts, I already was.
Statistics of geolocations from my blog's readers: Finland, Usa, Belgium
How am I doing. Letting the mundane get between me and loving some peoples. I am not the one to share your dreams to. I have all the attention and time in the world, but it isn't fair to choose when to be needing it. I want to hear about your love life. Since I am not it.

Edith. secret lover sent me a small amount as a token of... I dunno, must've bullied him to it