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sunnuntai 28. tammikuuta 2024

aren't you a sock puppet daviesies allannette

 I'm a wordless... apparently this British comedy man starts his biography with telling about the kind of teen guy pr0n his dad used to print... I mean, I liked watching the guy on Rose&Bob series, where he was playing a gay guy getting it on with a woman but honestly not sure yet
I used to print plot summaries from Xena or pics of hamsters, address labels or later 11-year old actor's pics who I was a year older and make a whole notebook of it. I cut telephone number ads from papers to paid adult services with scissors and mom threw my collection away. It was a sort of stupid curiosity I didn't know what I was doing. Times of Altavista, mind...
His mom died of leukemia. I watched some snapchat shorts of a girl being in a concert who then died soon afterwards. I saw this comedian in a short with another cook and a waiter. Waiter asking for an eggless omelette and him telling what to ask about the request, not letting her leave with a plate with some salt and herbs the cook sprinkles on it...
It's funny how I'm also on a meetingless zoom meeting about a book my bookclub nor me has read yet or anybody have rsvp'd to the meeting. I don't think I've used zoom before. Teams maybe once or twice. I missed all the covid-19 things people had to experience or endure. I was already experienced in being bored at home by almost a decade by then and having done the odd meetings on screen at home

Ignoring nothing
Learning your place, for a possible base for later to be making peoples laugh at your jokes
Poisoning yourself for attention
He sounds old and gray. Is he wise though? Listening to this audiobook for 8 more hours? I would bet his Chinese zodiac is a horse but I could be wrong. Nope, quick search confirms it. The thing about that horoscope is that on a scale of 1-5, I have a three towards them and horses towards dragons get along bettter, like a 4. Madonna has avoided this because I was thinking she could be a dog. I should avoid dogs and pigs and even artistic rams would get pulverized by dragon's strength and bliss.
Wish my English was transformative and modern so that everyone would mimic any new words I invented. English is the rules to exceptions though. I could list words that I have used that native speakers have gone like "wtf". B-day for birthday, chokkie for chocolate...
A small pot of strawberry yoghurt, oats, nuggets and sweet'n'sour sauce. Noodles, round rye crackers and wheat toast with butter. Last bits of bbq crisps and sugarfree cola. My kitchen is a kitchenette so I only half-cook half-ready meals fast and easy, air-fried or just added hot water

I really hope the flat-handed father won't molest him next... crap... this was a bit predictable in the worst way. Just when I gave a disclaimer this morning. To my secret lover, Daddy, or the bi polyamory hedonist who always says the right things.

Might've been why I didn't get this audiobook earlier because I didn't want to read about this. My childhood was safe enough. If there was a storm, we'd be in the eye of it inside a car. Mom's brother warned about my stepdad being like that. I barely had any nipples when they got tickled and I fell asleep in my stepdad's arms. I heard him and my mom having sex in the other room, though. They were drunk not even closed the door in the middle. That put me off from thinking about seggs for twenty years.

This guy sounds secretive and whispering about things he couldn't possibly have control over and besides he was a kid then. He does normal kid stuff too right. It can't be just unhappiness and bleakness and... well, the book's title is "Just ignore him" but that's no way to live. Yet here I am with this book open in the webplayer of my Chrome browser, because there was always something vaguely charming about him
or life is just sad, when you know gay men don't see women like that. It isn't as if homosexuality should be punished, seen as a sin or disease or mental illness or killed for... it may be a bit evil, if you think evil as an absence of something philosophically but I'm sure the meaning of a gay life is similar to a grandparents. To help the next generation to become healthier than themselves and thrive...

I was once asked to explain blowjob by some young kids, a boy and a girl on a field I was crossing near some sort of a daycare on Isle of Wight on my way to Ryde high and my 6th form studies, and I refused them without stopping really. Did I know what a blowjob was? I don't think I was thinking about blowjobs at all. Did I make the assumption that there is no sexual education in Britain? Well, maybe a bit.

You cannot survive life without dying. Ignorance is bliss. 

Ignoring you, when you want to be loved, have attention, and talk with your family is against human rights because everyone deserves to get attached in safe manner. 

Endearing, gay, perverse, deadly, traumatizing... those are the opposite of the themes I write on purpose at least *pukes in my mouth a bit* If you aren't part of the solution; you are part of the problem

I am not a liar, ever.
I'm a good person.
I am always right.
I don't mean to be kind in the face of braveness, you're just brash.
Too friendly at me? Here, meet my fist with your nose if you get that close.
Say I'm in my own world. Tell me I'm bitter. Shout I'm too ugly to live.
But don't say: I wasn't ambitious, or I was lethargic or passive.

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