Unpopular opinion to never visit 'murica

What’s wrong with America They don’t recycle, the plumbing is old, the sleazy roadside hotels, gunlaws, people worshiping Trump, how much st...


torstai 19. lokakuuta 2023

Can I stand being apart for another 8 years or who knows their place in the world maybe

 Daddy's leaving :(( In like 8 hours catching a bus downtown to the airport... we had our last breakfast and there was sleet snowing down... it was pretty magical moment especially when his blood pressure dropped to almost normal after having the sauna and dip in 9° cold water yesterday in dam rapids etc
We weren't filming as much content but like, I have drained his balls a bit which I might have blogged about even already lol
It's so quiet we can hear our pepsi max bubbles. I got the heating to work by contacting the service company and it's almost warm now. Adulting.
I don't think I've thought about much else in this whole week except like him. He's done Daddy things on his phone and laptop but like, he's so motivated always...
Best part was the vintage wine from their vinyard and popping the bottle on my balcony... I feel like I should go look for the cork really

Daddy's always saying the right things. He wants to be in control, but like still please others which is so weird combination I'm glad his therapist's been brainwashing him.
Ummm.. what else. He fixed the space on my macOS. I had sims4 and temporary files on it worth gigas and gigabytes too much I hadn't been able to delete properly.
I listened to a couple of Christmas songs when the "first snow" was floating down. It had been more magical if it had stayed on the ground?
I'm good. Peace out.. he did tell me more about himself and like where he is coming from instead of remaining a mystery to drive me crazy