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Through a grindr called ChatGPT, a rewrite

 Station's Staff of Destiny: Nonbelievers Need Not Apply I had a conversation with my best friend about rainbows, trees, and the plight ...


tiistai 1. elokuuta 2023


 How to Tame a Female Dragon

  1. Be a normal human being, have your own life but be available in their head whenever you are awake after eight years of no communication but you will still have that connection.
  2. Don't tell her your name but make sure your sex life is outstanding, and never tell you have feelings for her. Roleplay with her, lie, but don't let her get bored with you like sheep or knights in shining armor.
  3. Remind her of her beauty, devotion, passion, or sexy features because they will most definately have a few to mention. Help and guide, be her audience for that art and applaud her even when the work isn't so-so. Dance in the rain with her.
  4. In case of storms and stormclouds, tell her about your own tribulations- nudging them softly; of all the times you were there for her and lift her up.
  5. etc
  6. etc
  7. e.g.
  8. never 
  9. <----- love her this much ----->
  10. don't be a jerk or selfish prick or twat and respect their personality and sensibility :PP
  11. Magic. Lots of intent, visualisation, and her permission