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dissaus informaatiota tulossa koska mistä minä tietäisin mitään? Ei ole kyl äiti opettanut näitä... Hehe. Eat more ! Ja mulla soi herätyskel...


perjantai 19. toukokuuta 2023

Crazy recognizes crazy

My home assistant gave me attitude. I told Siri to put music on through Spotify. She said something about not having Spotify so I asked her again why can't she and she was like "HMMM....!?" Not sure how long I have left premium.
I bought a dried lavender bouquet at the market. It was expensive but I'm having tea now from the flowers that it dropped off in the plastic bag. Just for decoration. I remember a similar market in 2012 or earlier but it was much smaller. I'm guessing tourists have made it bigger. Hockey and all.
I drank two beers and a pear cider. I got a pizza with ham pineapple and fries. My friend kept complaining I'm killing myself and with my diabetes I shouldn't have any sugar. She promised to poke my finger next time to test my blood sugar. I'm still not done a single one of the tests.
I don't know how much I walked but it was a bit much. My forehead sweats more than most areas.
Pretty sure there's a flare up, in my ass cheek, filled with pus and blood that hasn't raptured yet.
Took a shower before and after. Life is such a struggle at my weight but if I don't get to enjoy it, I'll just do crazy shit until I get the thing I want lol :(
Anyways sways... 
I'm welcome tomorrow as well but I have like 2 eur left and too much bills to pay on Monday to get a single more drink. I'm not a sauna person either though we've not managed to go before either. She keeps forgetting her dog has supernatural senses and starts whining when I'm around. Her last dog was the same. Loved me more than anyone else, just always so excited to greet me, come to my lap, kiss me and lick my forehead and hands and arms etc sleep next to me if I stayed overnight and I'd play with her tug of war and give attention.
I can't be a bad person if all the terriers love me. Respect me. Play with me. Submit to me. I'm your leader.