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Through a grindr called ChatGPT, a rewrite

 Station's Staff of Destiny: Nonbelievers Need Not Apply I had a conversation with my best friend about rainbows, trees, and the plight ...


keskiviikko 26. huhtikuuta 2023

Unhandleable my dear sociopaths

 It's been ten years since my liposuction on my lower belly area, or upper vagina area. I was just celebrating that. Everyone was grossed out about how fat I seem to be to them. Same old song of the peoples... grosse chienne, n'est pas petit

Usually the haters say fun things and I can kill them with kindness and facts, but there are so many tweeters coming from all aspects eating at my credibility and psychotic hate as if they could smell fear in the water....

Can't find pictures of my purple-black pussy though anywhere- (ok maybe you could, if you looked really hard on onlyfans) but that's not what I meant.

I'm concerned whether that hispster got back to the bar or his downtown home or wherever the drunk he came, before it rained... it was a nice 20-30 minute activity, I just didn't get exhausted. I licked them balls and deepthroated his young cock, he tittyfucked me and spanked my ass while his cock was in my mouth. I wiggled my ass after he came in a condom, he put himself.

I guess nobody would believe me. Mom revealed today she'd been taken away when she was 7. How much will I still be revealed about why am I like this way... unloved, hated by all, and what I always knew about.