pe 19.4- klo 19.44

 Kävin juttelemassa psyk. hoitsulle. Se ei ollut sama jolle yleensä kevennän mieltäni (koska olin ajoissa! niin joo ja kahvin ja munkin ehdi...


sunnuntai 4. joulukuuta 2022

Pending magic...

Do what ye will, ain't it harm none. Already forgotten, forgiven, and stopped doing it all wrong!! I'm a bundle of emotions but I can sleep it off, dream it on, dance-off the whole world by turning my back on everything<3
Principles and rules are for other people. Not too adamant probably. Sometimes you wonder what the hell you expected.
Not sure where to go today or what to do coz my friends are busy elsewhere. In case of emergency, only trust yourself, as nobody's going to save you :3 Terrible horrible rough tough, difficult... "why is it always me who has to fall into the chocolate?" –Barbabeau in the Christmas comic I had as a child ;D
I was not going to post today. I paid google 2,2 eur this morning for bloggeradmin@kitujainen.com although I wasn't supposed to be billed in forever, just like have a discounted version... and I don't even know what I'm getting excactly... my blog??
SIGH. After it's got darker I will burn some candlesticks. I'm unable to think about Christmas presents currently. Hopefully all's well that turns out okay 8)
Sad sad music always playing when I'm alone. I don't use a lot of electricity. No chance of heating up gadgets, if they're turned off... anyway I'm not built different, just an average student and teacher's pet 6_6
Boys be gone from my sight, wait until I'm a cougar uWu
*scratches head under beanie in frustration* too much time, too bad at estimating. Did I mention my fav boardgames is Cluedo, but it's not a 2-player game? Somebody always did something and mysteries to be solved, you can't lie but you can mislead ::O