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lauantai 31. joulukuuta 2022

Nightsweats are past me but it holds on

 Lifey lifersson, what are you!? Can't smell or taste. 

I'll probably get an obsessive compulsive disorder to wash myself all the time. Might take days, weeks, years or the rest of my life to get these senses back. No panic. I've been smoking a lot for many years though. I feel like there is a lot for the virus to grab onto in my lungs?

I was such an idiot at Christmas. My head was just filled with Christmas songs. Maybe I sneezed and my uncle got it too. Maybe it was the worst present he's had. I don't need to blame myself. I had a lot on my plate.

I've not lost weight this week. It's pretty incredible since I've eaten cautiously. It must be true that once you are fat or diet, your metabolism will just stay against you unlike normal people's. Normal people underestimate how much exercise they get, and overestimate how much food they ate.

Am I still infectious? Don't know but I'll try not to do anything in days...  no leaving home, not leaving bed or couch, not leaving my screens and games...

I should be on my stationary bike for a while. Tonight watch the Ice Queen performance on ice from television. Enjoy New Year. Alone with wieners and potato salad to finish eating..oh yay. Hopefully mom will bring me some more toilet paper. I'll wear a mask if I have to open the door, etc.

Don't want to infect myself all over again but, I'm going to be positive for months since I can't smell or taste. Not very positive news at all. I'm officially a zombie. lol.