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Voi hyvä tavaton kun on kesä joka jää unholaan

Melko varma että ChatGPT keksi omasta päästään kirjoja xD En ainakaan löytänyt niitä... kysyin siltä samanlaisia kirjoja kuin eräs 2020 para...


maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2022

I know it so that 16-18 is too low but #19 isn't enough, it's almost like 13 so better go through all of the options how to kill the whole motherfucking alien species humanity created itself ***

 Next up: Pandemic's 2 through 70... she's getting creative, mother nature is. I'm not sorry but all of us have to die, so sorry.

First I was listening to children's music and giggled at everythink but now I'm getting serious'er

I don't usually think the way others expect I had. Like I don't know what they'll say. It's just ART!! 

e.g. sky doesn't mean "Heaven" and a pine cone doesn't mean my dad's an old fart, I think it's the boomers who are having importance of experience!!!

I need more therapy again soon, it's only been four years and I get to have it again once it's been five years? I guess? You know just wanna be listened to and speak those lovely wonderful things my life was as agreed with a professional!!!

Although... "You'd think we'd give you enough for you to kill yourself?" and "If you ever had a child, it would be taken away from you." Are also professional opinions I've heard... 


Ate a whole box of wrapped chocolates and at work like breakfast was chocolate and crisps/chips etc so what the fuck is wrong *confused to a point of DIY movie of my whole life*

I didn't write a thing but just google it idgaf getting the fick outta this property by billionaires who're just trynna silence distress of all living things and inhabitability of the home planet that's the only one we had.

Period. End. I gave all the opportunities to you and they've been used up. €€€€