Kinda smart.  dandruff, skin irritation from cheap eyeglasses, red face. Used a cleansing gel, mud mask, face wipes and moisturizers, hydr...


perjantai 8. heinäkuuta 2022

Everything so-so tip of the top

 I got to stop hoping and believing in good and letting strangers near. There is no scenario in which I would need to answer a call from Denmark. I'm not a mule or an influenser or have any relations there to rescue.

Ate my late lunch. Mum is coming over. Tomorrow was supposed to give a friend tutoring in English. That might be over. Sunday it's cake and coffee with relatives again because of some birthdays.

I had my vr set on for an hour. Then the heavy metal music started getting loud. I did some dishes. Wearing a gray skirt and a v-neck tshirt. I guess I nodded off in the morning twice back to sleep. First I slept 2 hours and then 4. It was pretty early when I took my shower. It was a longer shower than usual, like half an hour. It was useless though when shit particles hit your body soon after you've got out...

Anywaay soooo can't hear my own thoughts