for the love of Apple (geek talk)

 5 year old MacBook Air. Does not sync with a 5 months old iPhone. Not sure if the charger/chord is faulty. I don't see how I could connect the usb-c end of an lightning cable end to my laptop... there is no such apple adapter? Who says when I can charge an iPhone wirelessly?

My Pictures Folder kept going to the trash. My pictures keep on disappearing. I have maybe less than 10 images of my ex which is good but still creepy at the same time. I existed in 2014-2017 too you know?

What about my art and media collages, screenshots, the creative stuff I was going to make or use a filter on, share. post?

Battery: during 5 years it has had 103 Cycles. Battery is 82.6% GOOD. I accidentally restarted my device. Does that mean a new cycle? I always keep it charging. Have you seen the prices, of work that professionals put on, just for example cleaning the outer side of a mac is 50eur

It is very expensive so always DIY all that you actually can. This mac went once to be repaired early on and I'm glad I had the warranty then. What stops things from just suddenly dying, quit working, lose the data you entered in, well... a billion reasons why things shouldn't work in the first place!! But yet here it is, everything is okay and a hundred percent chance that all that matters will continue to go well?

Although I have forgot how to use a windows. So you could say I don't use a computer anymore. Computers are slow, heavy and I get numbing in my limbs whenever I wait for them to do anything - but this iOS, well it's lightweight and never causes me any physical side effects?


 It's 25 celsius indoors while my "machines" are 37-38 celsius warm. Mosquitos -gotta let them in at night to suck my ass because it's rather hot!

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