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keskiviikko 18. toukokuuta 2022

Will write reviews for free stuff

 Gay things of the Day (list)
  • Best friend's Helsinki trip spoiled by feminine sex worker in little clothes on public
  • Me reading a Harry Potter x Severus Snape fanfiction short smut shower scene
  • Watching on tv a gay romance show second to last episode in the series
  • Not being a human guinea pig for TikTok for showing me the gay side and everything being pride stuff and gay guys

I've been meaning to list things every time I open this blogger.com and then get sidetracked. I can't even tell what I've written about anymore. I would need to buy my own e-books of my blog and recollect.
Time flies inadvertably forwards. A week, a month. I have bills in the bank now worth over three hundred euros, possibly four if you add the payment agreement for a debt, and it starting to look like I have no money next month to buy food anymore. I have to start cutting back on something. I should have cancelled the gym membership, I should've not bought the monthly bus card, I should live without home insurance, not smoke cigarettes though I've cut a bit and tried the patches, only read books that I can get with a library card and leave makeup and hygiene stuff and medicine where they are. Not get more stamps, postcards, magazines, paper stuff, games and be so generous. I'm pissed off at myself I stopped saving but since the stocks just plummet, well good-bye money.

Get lost in what you love.

Women are not threatened by the opposite sex finding their own sex attractive, some women even enjoy it. Facts. But I still want to buy five hardcover books about magic, tarot, astrology,  the feminine, goddess, history of Nordic worship of them and our dark mysteries or just fantasy young adult, and log my own magical thougths in one.




Friend called again, wants me to dogsit. I can't, my hamster will be dead, but I'll hang around downtown in her apartment with the dog meanwhile she travels. Promised to pay me with food. I really need to start billing people for my efforts more. Painting and tarot readings don't pay at all. Then who'd use all the stuff I get with more money. Viscious cycle. Not visceral, but fatty as malnutrition- no chances in hell I'd let myself starve, it's just a carb eat carbs world... getting tired again and tomorrow's plans cancelled due to other responsibilities by them so just wait until summer picnics to meet people on blankets...

I'm not very vocal but my ideas are good. excuse me for messing up and adding more words and forming long sentences. I usually drop everything out while remaining understandable. My English I meant. What's the fun in not going anal in a world, where bananas are eaten raw, ripe, doesn't matter which shit you start but pineapple makes pizza authentic and cultivating these species from their original appearance has made them staples and recognisable. Like pepper and salt, ketchup and mustard, everything has come from somewhere... 

____My fucking neighbore. Stopeth being so fucking. Loud and giggly noisy shouting like he was being tickled, I'm sorry but he's been warned once. One more fucking cunt and I'm not just, taking things down anymore. How dare he. He can. Vittu. If that goes on after 10 pm I'm getting him evicted next.