maanantai 16. toukokuuta 2022

my plan b is so uh-maze-ungh

Eurovision was rigged but we did ok with a rock song. I'm finishing a swap now. I already had crafted it just needed an address and other stamps of approval. Why do I always have to send to Canada! I remember it was the priciest place to send anything.... i went to the gym today, and mom brought me food. Watched Morbius. Playing with my hamster, I think she approves of my mother. I heard you got some Buffalo shootings? Elon not buying Twitter? What's the news? Here we have Turkey halting our NATO application. Hockey games were on, missed those. I don't think there's a victory parade going on anywhere, so what's to be expected? It's late. I haven't had time to shower after gym! I could get ill. Tomorrow it's my mental health injection day in the morning that's every 4 weeks. On Thursday I'm meeting a Best Buddies intl guide in a cafe for pairing up with a disabled person as one of those good things you do... not charity, inclusive, like endorsement.. no? It's been too long I've LinkedIn's.. oops I was meant to send my cv .. email it to the.. Well, peoples representing capitalism, I dunno, not the boss of me. She has a non-disclosure about anything I like to tell her, though. Isn't that nice.

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