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tiistai 10. toukokuuta 2022

God is a dick for sending megaforceful winds at me today

Oh my gosh! Errands. Don't let me get started on the adventure I had today! Phew. What a day... It was around 11 am and I decided to go downtown. Went to a chemist, got the nicotine patches and allergies nasal spray. Dropped two envelopes at Posti. Got hungry, kept walking around. Had lunch at this big health care center, a soup with a side salad. Talked with some depressed guy for a while, encouraging him to get a job and see the positive in "nothing matters"..Had a 45 minute chat with the psychological nurse like I've had previous times. She asked about my moods, how I was doing. Spoke whatever came to my mind about hobbies, mom, tomorrow's job description. Then I accidentally met my best friend and I escorted her to Kela. We queued. She got a private consultation half an hour from there. We got out and had soft ice creams from the trucks parked in the center. Well I did, hers was the wrong flavor. I offered to complain, but instead got some of it on my pantsuit as I managed to break the waffle pointy end with my grip. Told her the time from my smartwatch, she went back. I went to buy cigarettes and drink a beer that with the app cost only 0,1 euros when you downloaded it for the first time. It was a hell of a windy, things kept moving around to the ground and the sun shade was closed by three guys after turning off the heaters on its corners. Not wanting to get drunk, I got up and met my friend half way, luckily. She has no id whatsoever, got her passport photo done for the police. Walked to the police station, where the last customer had just left who had arrived at 11 am. Found out about that. Friend said she wants to take a bus to Helsinki on some unknown date, so we checked for timetables. They all are online nowadays. She used the toilet there. Walked to a kiosk. Her bus stop. Said farewells. I hopped on the tram. Pushed luck again, called mom who was awake from a nap. Let me in, fed me, gave me a shoulder massage. I borrowed her old massage machine, I guess they are all muscle guns these days. She drove us in her car to the grocery store the size of a mall. Bought me an orange shell jacket while I got 60 euros worth of supply. Almost the same as 30 day bus and tram bus fare - I'd bought before I left. Carried those bags from car to 5th floor in the lift, then scanned them for a consumer panelist points thingy with my phone (with the points I get Spotify premium free 3 months gift cards) seriously considering quitting the panel. The nape of my neck or shoulders or something feels wrong, like sharp stings in the muscle... from the over the shoulder messenger bag and poor posture too, tension. DHL was supposed to deliver a package to me "by the end of the day" and it's past 8pm already? Corrected grammar errors on this private message for your reading pleasure... I got fresh greens for my hamster, I could feed her and I couldn't decide where to begin. raddish, protein salad leaves, snack carrot, tofu? Local domestic food wasn't expensive yet! Oh, an hour ago my package didn't find me. I was home the whole time. Well. 1.5 hours first semifinal to watch. Tomorrow is another adventure, a whole day of paperwork from 9am, and interviews in the afternoon. I hope the Kela money starts rolling after 6 days toward my bank account. I could spend all the money I have in one day.