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 What I love about London/the uk/England

Warm to a rainy mild weather, service economy, shops, music and culture (plays, theatre, radio), languages, history, cousine, experiences like gardens, planetariums, aquariums, sets of famous movies, scandalous newspapers, libraries and books, walking to places, driving on the left, being surrounded by sea, carpet floors, British chocolate, women's magazines, RSPCA, NHS, self-check outs, no monopoly on alcohol products, school uniforms, bad coffee replaced by strong tea, well what I usually like but, just with flair.. most things have already made their way to Finland after I was there for a year 05-2006. Pre-packaged salads, triangular sandwiches etc ready-to-go's, subway franchise, Malterers, Tesco partnership with S-group, and more.

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Kiitos että ajattelit kirjoitustani ja ajattelit jättää kommenttia, mutta pidäthän tyylisi positiivisena. Kirjoitat asiallisesti ja kiinnittäisit, huomiota oikeinkirjoitukseen, kiitos!

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