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lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2022

Realist fiction! tw: boring as Russian's Hell

 My answer to the question "Is there an easy life guidebook, "do this and that, and you'll avoid making the wrong mistakes"?"

Mistakes are already defined as “wrong”. I don’t know how these "wrong mistakes" would make life easier if you didn’t try them yourself and find that they don’t work and do something else. Whether you do this or that, you will learn from your mistakes. the problems have already been solved by many others, and there is sure to be a solution at a time

The less the theory can be proven wrong, the closer it is to the right, theoretically… immediate intuitive knowledge of what to do to tell someone or what to eat, give or take, there are so many choices for everyone that there are mistakes if everyone makes mistakes.

The guidebook would, I think, be subjective now: for example, a symptom book for psychiatrists where they are all descriptions of disorders of people’s mental states.

On the other hand, that book could be biology, chemistry, neuroscience, sheer luck, and compulsive observation of how to be an average ordinary cheater, that is, to merge into the ranks.

Everything always goes back to how much knowledge one can absorb and how much one trusts oneself, and whether one cares about the easy life and the moral rules within oneself. So? Learning through mistake, not by studying one guide book but by keeping one's senses open and reacting against it .. according to the knowledge that is already universal… it is no longer difficult to answer when I am poor to understand the question but the majority of people can't be wrong… a thousand monkeys in front of a thousand for a year would get a short story done, right.

what you asked for is whether something exists. That is, if you find that guide, don’t show it to those who bravely live in difficult times for no apparent reason, because on the other hand, there are unfair conditions to live with seemingly random obstacles, the evil is a lacking of something, is what is denied to those who deserve better or an easier life. But so everything grows to replace another, I manage to hope for a natural state in which to rest in the end. Waking up taking life for granted

However, If has any supernatural information such as a guide. Would pass in the family from one offspring to another. Huh. That would be a long line of diaries... But never do that in your name. Be careful what you hope for. sell your soul.. the amount of easy life is constant...

so no. Books don't run out. Holy texts are not needed except in Finland if you are trying to bring religion together… the laws of nature: someone bigger comes with a bigger guide and hits him in the head, The end…