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Melko varma että ChatGPT keksi omasta päästään kirjoja xD En ainakaan löytänyt niitä... kysyin siltä samanlaisia kirjoja kuin eräs 2020 para...


lauantai 26. maaliskuuta 2022

hey read my unpublished answers with your own caution (Quora)

"Answer Later" x11
  • What are the best books on Wattpad?
I wrote my autobiography on there.

Most are poorly written, and you’re asking about the beauty of the books, do you mean the covers and want to judge a book by it’s cover?

  • Why aren't British people offended by the word c*nt?
British people don’t get offended, they get mad or pissed off but it’s hard to actually get them aggravated for long. By words alone they don’t think crazy means anything bad, either. Got to love those Brits. When I was in London waiting for Seether gig to start I told the ticket sellers that they’d been shouting “Tickets to (cunt)!” all evening, as Seether means cunt in South-African (or so I read, been a fan from 2003). He just told me to wait until he tells the rest of them and I giggled or chuckled..

  • How often do Pokémon GO players drive instead of walk to collect their items?
I don’t have a driving lisence or a car but I know which parts of my bus route I can spin pokestops. Surprising how slow you have to drive to be able to spin and not get “Try again later”

Apparently there was a guy though who went from level 1 to 40 in a few days just driving and not even catching pokemon.

  • What is the cutest Pokemon according to you? Why?
Squirtle has a cute ‘cry’ and Jigglypuff is cute too and it sings. I sometimes mimic their voices for fun. I would include dedenne, phanpy, munna,

  • What is the mindset of a native English speaker when he applies grammatical tense in his speaking?
Anyone who uses grammatical tenses is probably worried about to what time they are referring to when they manifest verbs in their thoughts to speech. I hope this makes sense. It can be just a set assumption in present/non-past.

  • What is the rarest Pokémon you have?
I chose the helix fossile in my GBC pokemon yellow, so it’s a miracle I have kabutops. I am missing kabuto though and I can’t breed on that game!!

A friend of mine at the time, who I got the kabutops from, almost got a mew because she went to the event but she got left out, they run out of them and she was still in the queu.

in pokémon Go I don’t think even my shinies are “that” rare. Shiny meawhile from a raid and a magikarp from standing in the rain.

Does a level 1 tangela count? From the 343 number of caught pokemon, the oldest I kept is a hitmonlee. I need more scyther candies too so I can evolve one. I need more spoink, shroomish, slakoth, feebas, lotad, bagon and beldum candies… all of which you can get “by playing more”

so it’s not as if they are rare, one must just “play more”. Whatever that means.

  • What is your strongest Pokémon in Pokémon GO?
My TOP3 have “great” iv’s and are over 3000 cp. tyranitar, ho-oh and gyarados

  •  Which books have you read in 2017 up to now?
Young adult boo

  • Do you read or watch something when you eat at home alone?
No, that would be foodporn. But, yes

  • What are some good names for a male Labrador dog?
Pluto, Goofy,

  • Why do pages of a book turn yellow over time?
Because we don’t write on leather or papyrus anymore,