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sunnuntai 23. tammikuuta 2022

What are these, what are those

 Somebody teach me to waste food! I ordered a kebab last night and it was the size of my arm. Yet, I still ate it. Guess who didn't have anything to eat all day because they were fasting? I've never weighed this much.

Gave my hampster a bit of turnip and and she woke up and is reinforcing her fort. I've soon watched the last season of Cobra Kai and I started it like a week ago. Four seasons in a week almost... what a binge. I guess it's worse to watch the shows with the weight loss surgeries because that's the wrong kind of motivation too, to watch people overeating and taking the concequences.

I wasn't going to blog today because I take Sundays off. I just slept most of the day, then read a bit, made coffee and streamed that show. I have been thinking though. Nobody needs me. I need to do my laundry, though. There is a mountain of it. I can hear other peoples wasching machines being on. I really should start. I have so much clothes though. I am wearing my wokamon 5xl shirt and nothing else. My butt was bleeding from a flare up but at least it doesn't hurt at the moment. I hate it when I can't wear bottoms, or I have to put paper between my butt cheeks to not make a mess when I sit down. I had to wipe my chair outside twice from bloody streaks. I can go for a smoke without pants even though it's freezing. Inside is warm enough.

There's a new pokemon game on switch soon, I already bought it. I bought stamps. I'm waiting for a food delivery of items like chocolate of which the date is soon, so they aren't going to waste but I kind of think that isn't just economical thing to do, it isn't dangerous to eat that kind of food - they're just still making money of it. Why do I keep falling for some preloved... well, there's this quote "everyone loves love, but what everyone loves more, is second-time around love" not sure where I picked that up from but probably in England.

I've lost my game cartridge for Animal Crossing which is probably good but I can't use the amiibo cards now.

My flat is such a mess and I'm no better. There's mostly clutter, clothes and dirt on the floor, dishes, disorganisation. It is anxiety inducing and a bad taste in my mouth. Not that there's anyone to call over. I just can't throw away stuff. I wear out most things but I still leave those clothes for a year before I bin them. If it's clothes, maybe never, unless they are worn close to the skinfolds and then I need to replace them as I chuck them out.

Maybe I need to watch more decluttering videos on youtube. Maybe I don't. Maybe the idea doesn't mean anything anymore. I need to make life simpler for sure. Forget reusable and introduce single-use. Become the burden for the planet everyone was born to be.