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torstai 25. marraskuuta 2021

There is no way to peace, it is the way -Gandhi and his civil disobedience teachings

 Laughing at a movie with dark humor. I didn't use to even like House because I hate the actor and the stupid black humor. I didn't understand sarcasm the way I do now. What's changed? Why, my testosterone levels. :D Last movie I watched was the new Bond movie and I regret not crying that I didn't do although I felt like crying a bit.

Both are good. I mean, weakness and strength. Sometimes you have to show them.

I made a chicken stew and ate it all. I bought a cherry dr. pepper. I was given a chocolate fancy cake for my Name Day and 20 euros and a chocolate advent calendar this morning.

I wrote two postcrossing cards and sent them. I received them pretty fast. My own design printed on the cards. Dragon in the pink clouds with 3 words on as well in a cursive. I didn't send any of the flamingo illustrations yet. Something feels missing from them. I mean they are beautiful and the blue pattern especially around the flamingo are kind of cool. Fuck the girly childish pink flamingo on one foot, haha.

What else... I played pokemon shining pearl a bit more. It is going slow even though I do avoid battling all the trainers. Might end up stuck having to grind?

I watched some tv too from my app on the phone. A survival game or ultimate escape in Finnish winter and a show for parents what would their kid do, with actual prizes.

Not sure what Christmas presents to get. So far I have one pair of socks to give.

What else might be different about me... well my hamster definately doesn't look down on me. Although I sometimes have no pants on.

I like philosophy... I like Nietszche because we are both taciturn. Same horoscope. I listened to this podcast about him and agreed on all of it so much I can't even recall so that I could teach, what it was about. Meaning? Happiness?

I will have another boring week unless I make myself go out and do something. Ice-skating needs to happen soon. The snow made my chair wet on my balcony and then it's dry again. Melted most of the snow, did not need a shovel. My butt froze a couple times but the desired effect still happened.

I watched a documentary about data as well. I accidentally bought 1 year subscribtion to Curiosity Stream. That gay inventor of a computer called his machine ace and my friend's calling herself the ace too not sure if she knows it?

Thoughts I've abandoned today for example. If I did not write anything down I might even become even dumber.... there was some motivator guru on TikTok that I follow giving examples that "think of that dumbest person you know, and be glad 50% of people are dumber than that person"

Whatever it meant. My literacy skills are related to my memory but there are skills I'm only good at if I'm paid to do them like when I had to make hundreds of phone calls every week to sell satellite channels? I apparently recited the pitch in my dreams.

Bring on the light that is me. She's waking up. What to give her today? I had maybe one radish fresh from the fridge left to slice for her. She's definately going through her hoards, that little fatty furball vermin. Lady poopypants.

If I had a watch I'd have looked at it and thought I've been awake 12 hours. But nah, does not carry it on my wrist.

Could write on forever but this little box is box on the screen is making me it's bitch.