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🥀 Music, when soft voices die, 🥀 Vibrates in the memory; 🥀 Odours, when sweet violets sicken, 🥀 Live within the sense they quicken. 🥀 R...


tiistai 8. kesäkuuta 2021

It's not just some quote if there is literal misogynist and patriarchal truth to it

 Someone made fun of my English by trying to spell extra S-letters on what I said in a TikTok video. Too bad you couldn't make out what she was trying to say so I deleted the comments and blocked her/him/they/it. I don't think he knew I actually have a problem with saying s,c,z's so I guess that's a compliment? Maybe?

Forever positive like a gay person with Aids since the 60's. I watched some film about a fashion designer. I watched Ewan McGregor in Star Wars, Rogue Trader, Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, Doctor Sleep and probably many others too like Big Fish.

Anywayzchs... I think about if I should miss my English entrance exam. I didn't find the material to read for the test, but I guess there would have been again something.

Great way to make me feel like shit about my language skills when I KNOW I'm more than bilingual. I'm a fucking dictionary. I speak clearly if I want to. It's not rally English. Besides, I am not fluent. I am proficient. The difference is I want English to be spoken and written perfectly and people hate those that correct them all the time, or find the mistakes in a book at a first glance or are not relaxed about the rules of it. Exceptions make rules and people don't take themselves seriously enough.


Vazza Curallè viinimainos. Jostain syystä otin VPN:än ja nyt katson Netflixiä Amerikoista. Toisaalta ei viitsisi lähteä minnekään kun ukkostaa ja ulkona hyttyset syö.