sunnuntai 28. helmikuuta 2021

(do the deathcount)

 I don't *need* Spotify Premium, but it would be lovely if the 3 months giftgard would come through the Denmark Strait!!!!

what was this knoeck knowwk joke again :) none for you, none for you, not a single n for likes

For procrastination I'm listening to the uk radio from bluetooth headphones. Today has been a struggle again with myself but I have daytime clothes on and I made a dish that's gonna have leftovers for tomorrow! I even remembered the recipe from my long term memory.

I don't really get social media botherers or commenters. It's too quiet actually after I banned 10 rude words from the tiktok content area. I have a TikTok logo pillow now too !

I've been taking painmeds for headaches. Sleep has been little. I guess that has meant that my rare disease flared up "a bit". It's just one ass pimple but... nothing contageous. Just puss and blood</3

I'm too straightforward. It's so... wyd people even do? I guess it filters out a hell of a lot of assholes if you start putting up a price for your time and telling them what they wanted to know, so they... get it? So much subjectivity, stupidity, ignorance, spreading. I support the curfew everywhere in this country.

What else? Let me "pick my brain" kkk lmao -- everyone disses out blogbooks but I enjoy making them. Also sometimes things are arm wrestling. To getting what it is you can't afford. Yes, I'm kinda poor but happiness does not mean I want to be rich or have cream in my soup etc extras. "just add human, get instant prejudice"



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