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tiistai 9. kesäkuuta 2020

What's current if not to take me away

Beautiful chaos, fattening if I even see food with my eyes.
How I'd describe my life recently. I've not really written here things, what's happened. Taken some sunshine and perhaps tanned a little bit. I'm fasting today. I could just keep on keeping on sleeping but nah. First night 4 hrs, then 6, 8, 0, 2 with sleep apnea mask.
Yesterday I walked 6km or 10k steps. Usually a lot less. I had to get a new iPhone SE because my ip8 is shattered. I went to the library. I retrieved a reservation for a South Park game on nintendo switch it's ready to play.
I had a salad at a bistro and espresso. Some boomer was sporting a (red) iphone SE too but I said nothing. Roses are red, you got AIDS.
TikTok was fun I enjoy making videos but my self confidence is conflicted about whether I should. I have a right to. So I bleached my hair for about 20 minutes last night and that did almost nothing. I just want like a rose gold color and I've got shock color for it. Not sure I'm ever blonde enough or just a troll with orange hair. Oh well.
I have nicotine gum. My vape just leaks. Too bad my SSRI drugs inhibit any effects atypical people might get from illegal substances. Wouldn't even know where to get-
sigh. I don't want my head messed up. I drank beer last weekend and that's that. Midsummer is next weekend. Juhannus quite a big deal. But my friend is at a closed ward and she's being verbally abusive so no thanks.
I have no friends. I have nothing to do except for my monthly and weekly health related outgoings. I could start going to meet-ups for singles or book readers again but it's always raining so they're in restaurants and not picnics. Can't afford to go and I enjoy my own company more. Hah ha.
If people were to flock into my blog (I see soon there's 666k visitors) I hope they read some older stuff. Idc. Get to know why I'm so bad and use every bit of info against me. I'm too nice apparently.
Binge Watching QE there's 5 more episodes left of S5.
What do I need in my life. I should do more exercise on the old fitness bike more than just 5 minutes. I should cook, I should look at my wardrobe. Umm, I've pretty much given up on playing games on my switch because everything just takes time to load... Says a person who took time in the library for an hour to backup copy an iPhone to her new one... I just like people watching. Not gonna self diagnose but there's adhd in everyone.
So there goes the flavor in my gum again. I must have poor examples in my life if I want to smoke things. Why not enjoy life organically.
The friend I made during her stay in Tampere is selling Moomin inspired postcards on Fiverr.