Olettekohan vaan jonossa...

 Luin että kosteassa ilmastossa äänihuulet paremmin saisi äänteitä erottumaan. En tiedä paljoa tieteestä joka tutkii moisia värähtelyjä... m...


sunnuntai 7. kesäkuuta 2020

Aquarius oh who I loved your salty boy tears but be a fine fire dragon and fly away I'm done playing (rather insulted really..)

The dog I found and my ex spouse took to own has died of a brain tumor at 11 years old. He let me know and is pouring out his heart how rough and tough it is for him. Well, boohoo, you took advantage of me and raped me and we fought and people thought I couldn't speak because you were so outgoing, you did not pay rent and never paid anything and even stole a car from me and the tires from my grandma therefore, you said my over one thousand euros bed was broken so I've ended up on a mini guest bed for now, even though-I'm a heavy person (sleeper). I won't keep messaging you and telling, oh, I got this sleep apnea machine too and it's brand new and cooler than yours. No, I'm just telling that you took advantage of me and are not worthy of the dog even who took care of you, dirty rapist and thief. I hate you but I won't tell it to everyone I know. You said I'm a good person but also many untrue or dirty things and I have thing now about being called a whore or a drug user for that matter. We were supposed to stay friends. I haven't heard from you in a couple of years and apparently you even got engaged once in the meanwhile. I hope she's not helping you to write to me out of the real fact that, the dog was mine not yours but I was just kind enough that you kept him. Anyway, pay back the shit you owe me with an apology and move on as many fat unhappy steps as you can take. Bye. Let someone else memorise by heart your shitty stories the same you tell yourself.