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torstai 25. kesäkuuta 2020

(that's what) she said or did she say or did you just twist what she was saying because of your fucked up ears?

  • Watching this abused woman (who believes in princesses and castles)
  • uploading a video a week ago about why she stopped doing them. 
  • Her voice is breaking and she doesn't seem strong, more like very fragile and as if she's thought about how her video could come across.
  • I don't apologize, I don't have regrets, and just being a female I guess somehow is supposed to be make me weak too? Like, it's just a mood if or when I'm being bullied that those worst things said to me just pile up, and I'm ready to sleep it off and feel better the next day. Finland gave women the right to vote 3rd or 2nd in the world or whatever. Even though women don't get paid as much, we still use the most money in economy. I could never afford to get drunk every weekend for example like apparently every male I seem to know, just looking at what they seem to appreciate... an open can of beer. 
  • There's not enough liquor in the world to drown memories of the childhood trauma I experienced because of my mom and her boyfriend, drinking. And apparently throwing up, I just thought it was hangover.

  • Reason I don't upload new videos to my YouTube is mostly not having consistent idea of what I want people to see on the channel, like, from 3 seconds to 3 minutes to the 10 minutes or more I don't really see the point of anyone watching them thousands of minutes. Sure my tiktok videos have been watched a million times but how many seconds per average is that. You can't even 9 seconds.
  • Where's the engangement? Who is the average fan? 9 year old fortnite gamer whose seen life from television and games. Let me tell you there are no plus size actors and even most of those do comedy. Models maybe, surrounding the whole bodipositivity is the battle of being allowed to look a certain way so coming across as angry opinionated, telling everyone to gain weight, even though it isn't viewed healthy, so "we" are glorifying obesity..?

  • United States classified obesity as a disease years ago or so I remember. There is no study which is going to say that it's easy to start losing weight once you've gotten to a certain BMI and age. The history of the bodymass index tells us it's not God's word at all and shouldn't in fact be applied to most bodies.

  • My thighs have always been thick and 60cm circumference in thighs I read once from some study did actually prevent heart disease and stroke. But so does the NASA power nap.

  • Anyway wish I had seen these getting abused videos earlier. Not sure I've always seen them. What happens in your life, you can't just go head first jumping into things because it's your first rodeo, life experience does not fall on your lap, people, should you keep your eyes open?

  • I'm single as fuck. My dreams of marrying in a big church in a city I was born in and being married for the remaining 50-60 years of my life have vaporated. Did vaporate, apparently water vapor is invisible? Not wanting kids since like ever can't even remember, so what's the purpose of my womb? When they won't let me get rid of it and won't let me know whether they found cervical cancer in my screening, or how much time do I let slip before making calls to, wherever I was not told to make a call to?
  • I should just accept I was born with a cluster of symptoms that define me as having a severe rest of my life, a mental illness already developed when I was born- just the one that always gets mentioned as an exception to the rules of anything brain study related where your thinking is just so complicated it sort of makes no sense? What an easy conclusion to make, it was shocking really. IQ of 125 when I was 20 and weighed 66 kilos, so BMI was 25.

  • Fakin almost double that soon and it's been 11 years my gawd. Well, severe weight gain due to SSRI drugs (I have shared the molecule structure pic of said drug here last time last year) like my previous injections of risperdal until 2015, my current coctail according to Wikipedia was invented in Japan in 1988 and got it's lisence to be sold in this country just a few years ago...? Billion dollar busyness but that's just deteriorating my brains, nonya my benefits. Too ugly to live guarantee as kids still tell me to get help. That's not your right to tell anyone what they need.

  • Anyway I've never hurt anyone. Perhaps some mind rape, bending your destiny, stealing 6 seconds of your life. If you ever even knew me. The scent of the flower you give away lingers longer on the hand that giveth. Or some other Gandhi quote.

  • I've bit on this nicotine gum like hundreds of times already. I could go into more detail of what is happening in my not so distant future. Or I could share other intimite things I've recently discovered.

  • Well, the furry puppy is supposed to come into my care for a couple of days next month and I've made preparations to puppy-proof my flat better than when Leo was last time here... I should prepare physically like taking walks too, although I kinda know what kind of walking he's going to need.

  • Tomorrow I have a boy coming over for coffee. We've been to the cinema together and a boardgame cafe and I've had a sauna at his place twice. He's not like all the other guys who just won't even look at me but will empty their nuts around me. I guess he had a nympho girlfriend whose abused him so maybe it's fair. Fuck those straight butts of all the adult, male population, of course: men can't be raped because they are sex fiends all of them. But that is not really feminism, it's more like something that does not even exist. Or not spoken about or it's too embarrassing to admit or the guys who've been done this to just lie.

  • Butt and bottom of a bottle what's this guy whatsapping to me again though?? A picture of a washing detergent brand. Oh how funny.

  • We all are humans and sexulity just brings people togetherness. Am I rite. Or is this just OMO?

  • one of my opinions

  • laughing my ass off

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