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perjantai 19. kesäkuuta 2020

Have taken so much shit I've turned into the blood diamond that I am thanks boy tears

The metrosexual guy I knew from America's Next Top Model has a book out that's fine but the main character's name is just ---ARGH!!!

There are many people with same name as mine. There are artists that whose name mimics my name or even is same. Kiesza, Ke$ha, Kablam.

But no this character is a Kash.

Keisha. Kash.

Antihero. I'm so glad Americans etc don't get the KAJSA name right but... still. Kaysuh. Bloom like Blum. Plum with a B. and not like some weird gay "J" sound with a djöh.

Fuck it. I'm as original as a diamond and those had the most succesfull ad campaigns. Too bad it's almost as bad as the drug trade. You know, bullets, blood, sweat and tears and why are those things so expensive anyway.... older than life yet... a bit crusty from the crevices of earth.

Do not mess with your demons. Pack them away. When you quit having nightmares of packing you can come to me and say you're worth it.