Another man's misfortune...

Woke up pretty early. Plucked my eyebrows. Put oil and my hair up. Rubbed day cream to my face and undereye lotion and pore refining primer and matte foundation in ivory and mascara and blush and then red lips with lip liner etc eyelid primer but no eyeshadow

As if I was going somewhere today. I was pretty happy to see Shaun Morgan on instagram live for a while. He's singer of Seether my fave band since 2004. I think they had one gig in Finland like 11 years ago.

Can't wait to quit smoking menthol cigs. Bought two packs yesterday. Should last until they're no longer sold. Gotta think ways to replace that bad habit. 
Didn't think I was a smoker. I can think of ways...
  • have mints/pastilles
  • go to bed/sofa for a nap
  • brush teeth
  • play games/browse social media
  • blog
  • drink water
  • watch pr0n
to do instead !?

sorry for lacking of the other eyebrow I had some filter issues


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