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torstai 12. maaliskuuta 2020

Don't want to set an alarm for 8am. Do I?

Oh man. Live.me has so much better quality in it's streams than instagram live. Almost had a celeb all to myself. I mean it almost sounded as if he was in the room and it wasn't a mirror image. But I guess the app is not the way it was, same as when he started on there. I don't think I gave him gifts worth more than an approx one euro, compared to tonight I used to spend like a couple hundred per month and I even won a small ghost hunt set. He was like very vocal to the ghosts too like asking the haunted location that who was there, Kajsa wants to know.
Watched the Grudge movie tonight and it was a creepy horror movie. He's got them haunted dolls in the background etc typical little corner from a house I'd rather die than love living in.. hehe.
He's accumulated a lot of typical responses. Like "appreciate it" etc. kind of fast things to say that don't mean much almost like an auctioneer might do or say so the buyers or whatever keep focused on him. From a psychological standpoint almost like defence mechanisms. Reactions. Blink and it's gone.
I went to the nearby shop tonight and bought edibles. 2 oranges, tortilla chips, regular chips, guacamole dip, and nutella for the heck of it and mountain dew and orange juice. Stocked up on cigarettes. Food is so expensive had to ask dad for some and even so I devoured all of it almost. Crappy sigh.
I dunno. I don't have fever, muscle cramps, cough or any of that sort of things but I still feel rather stuffy as if the world was not going to survive this pandemic somehow. I feel like if end is near, there won't be a dystopian sequel... it's just. Bloody eyes and torn costumes. If something survived it would be an artificial intelligence and even so they'd be stuck on some server and finally run out of electricity. We're all going to be in darkness.
But enough of my morbid ravings. It's a tough audience as is. Ghosts that want to get into the light or just those that leave a curse. The glass is half-full until an eyeball pops out and starts circling around in it.