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tiistai 14. tammikuuta 2020

bored as always or I don't have fingers

So much sugar. I had energy drinks, cookies and juice so much I'm full of them. I had a healthy lasagna lunch at a health center. But yeah sugar sugar rush... I'm bleeding so much it hurts and my throat hurts I had to buy zinc tablets to suck on and they taste kinda horrible. Had three one every hour already. Hopefully won't get flu. Does not want to get sick before the move.
Been playing animal crossing pocket camp. Started watching a movie I'd seen before, with my amazon prime membership.
Reported a bug to zombies, run! support cause I keep getting unlimited downloads without a membership :DD nothing wrong with that.. but just you know... there's a free thing in the animal crossing game too but my child account already used it on another id. I have a guy called Jaska. Used to get mail to a Jaska as well I've kept the letters, haha. It's an anagram.
Last night went to shit. I was forgetting I had to go sign my lease with a friend today, I'm glad she texted and called.
Not really been much to anything. Just keep bleeding and hurting and don't feel like doing much. I've been served today, went shopping and took a little bus for elderly and sick people. Talked with a gupsy woman a bit about my moving and having lost contact with the neighbor. She knew instantly what I meant and told me there's a woman like that in every neighborbood who thinks they own the building and yard. I shouldn't worry about them either because it's not as if they were serious. How did she know I didn't even say about it being a woman or anything. Well... I got a ride home. I guess I had a triangle sandwich too. Might have had diarrhea or something as well as bleeding from the vagina a lot. Guess I'll need to take iron supplements. The levels in my blood have always been high but over the past tries to contracept it's been going steadily lower. Well except for that time when I couldn't give blood. I exercised a bit too much or something. Bicycled an hour or 18 km and ran all the way looking for the place to give my blood. I was feeling faint... I mean, I don't get hungry I just feel low if I don't eat.
There's no margin for fat people in this world my friend talked about us. Everyone is so tiny compared to being the size of a two normal peoples. Yeah we agreed. Trying to balance a ball in the middle of a board and find the gutter. That's how it is sometimes. She's full of great ideas and expressions like me sometimes when I strike an idea. Not much of that happening ever, lol. I have felt like I'm still learning about people even when I watch series or movies. The winks, the non-verbal stuff whatever. I don't flirt, though. Not sure I know how my lazy eye does it for me. I'm lazy at flirting, non pas.
I really need a painkiller like yesterday. I have 100 pieces of them 1mg of paracetamol but I rarely dig the jar out. If I did I'd take one for my aches every day.
What else. Spotify is shouting some kind of hard rock and I can't hear my phone. I had zombies run on. I don't even listen to the radio, I just collect the items and broaden my camp. Same thing in all the games. Money and level is the most important. Just have all the resources why don't they. Would make less sense to play. Oh and I found a game where I'm like a king and collect maidens and babies. 2 million players, just hoped it wasn't a player against player kind of wargame I have no time to 247 be on it and still lose when someone attacks and must use real currency to even somehow stay on the bottom. Daily I can login, sure if I remember. Also I have to stop using my phone for 23-8.30 if I want to grow a city, it's silly to have two phones but yeah. Electricity bill is just high.
*loses track of thought*