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I'm always sure I'm inspiring someone after a great post until it gets the lowest views of all week

Let's see how I did my spiced latte this morning...  I had a MoccaMaster from last year's xmas gifts, so I filtered coffee about to marker of five cups. The coffee grounds was a darker brew. Threw in half a teaspoon of nutmeg, ginger and grounded cloves. Let it steep through, poured in a mug, adding milk powder and sweetener. For me five cups usually means two big mugs.

I should make a book of my tweets (it's possible) but whoever went through so little effort to make a book ever?
I've had Twitter for ten years.
It'd be a real page turner though.
My latest tweet was a cock joke literally. They making fun of cunts the brits so why not do phallos ones for change.

I have a sticker here that says "beautiful minds inspire others" Also lots of Dusch chocolate wrappers with the windmills and all

If I didn't take a picture of my coffee maker, I'm not gonna show the mess on my table. Some tastes are like smells but still both are unshareable.

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