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tiistai 6. elokuuta 2019

The most important shit of the day not in any particular order

  1. tax return day took me by surprise
  2. got final payment for my phone from neighbors
  3. did laundry for two hours downstairs..
  4. wrote a letter and ready to send
  5. was hungry a lot but avoided some of the hunger pains
  6. a pack of cigarettes went to buy again
  7. put on red lipstick and reapplied a lot
  8. hair seems nice and curly again, no bad hair day
  9. showered etc
  10. all night radio was on, had bad dreams, overcame the nightmares
  11. could've slept all day but didn't
  12. was home to give away an old jacket that I would've thrown away
  13. updated portfolio with a picture of my packaging design etc silk screen printed shirt that the local morning papers liked the instagram picture of... my proudest moment that ever was..
  14. unloaded dishwasher
  15. recent bills getting paid
  16. Started the last season of the lesbian jail series on netflix
Well that's a lot of shit done today...

There's a saying your luck may be changing, if your shirt is on backwards.