Head held high but not above the clouds because rain is part of life

Music ON Lovers OFF

My attention to detail and following instructions is challenging when it comes to printing lately

but this isn't the place to beat myself up about school

safe place where I can waste time. I have been looking at adult pacifiers lately but haven't ordered them. I just bought colored contact lenses and supplies. I've only had blue eyes but they were quite striking
 but that was way back ten years ago.

If I did a custom pacifier it'd say 'sinner' at the moment but I know it's just one kink among so many. I got them soft spots.

Hot water is off until 6pm so I can't have a shower until then.

So lonely. Want to roleplay with a daddy. Perhaps I should suck my thumb and browse some instagram

!!!!!!!!Sori pakko keskeyttää tää ajatus kun ovella kävi Jehovantodistajia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ne kertoi mulle jotain miksi ihmiset joutuu kärsii jne :D:D:D:D:D

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