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sunnuntai 21. huhtikuuta 2019

When your feet touch back earth's surface and You realize the competition

Looking at jobs I could do, so I logged back into fiverr and offering Wordpress installation and creative writing in Finnish. I decided that's not enough so I also logged back in to my UpWork account and sent a couple of proposals.

It's Easter so I'm not expecting to get to work immediately or anything. Might as well text my neighbor and go waste time with him. He's some sort of  an engineer. I don't know much about the electrical parts and things he purchases for firms.

When I was little I had all kinds of toys. Magic trick sets, science scalpels and microscopes, but also console games and went to the library a lot to loan books, barbies that I stuck incence sticks to burn holes on their rubbery thighs. Also I wanted to print my own school magazine, cut and glued them and drooled over photocopy machines and I wrote short little poems.

Everything's supposed to be so flexible yet hard work. I have the motivation but I need to build my passion for things... I used to be "an enthusiast" on my Twitter bio.

I should've flourished after being such an angsty teen. I'm still kind of young, aren't I?