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tiistai 2. huhtikuuta 2019

Lohikäärme nosti päätään?

Mun intialainen astrologi kertoi että pitäis välttää mustia vaatteita, hah hah ei mulla ole kuin mustia vaatteita ja oli muutenkin oikeassa mun työhaastattelusta. Voisin aloittaa työt, kesäkuussa, ja se meni suurimmaksi osaksi hyvin, ja kohtuulliset odotukset tota työpaikkaa kohtaan kannattaisi olla. Seuraavan kerran on yhtä hyvä ajankohta aloittaa uusi työpaikka lokakuussa. Pari vuotta oli huonoja mulle rahallisesti, jolloin mulle tosiaa aloitettiin se velkajärjestely. Eksä ei maksanut vuokrista osuuttaan ja tuhlailin Lontoossa jne. Mutta vitun Rahu! *väpättävä leuka hymiö*

Hello, Kajsa!
Warm regards. Observation of your Vedic natal chart shows that you do have a successful future ahead of you when it comes to your career endeavors and you shall find the growth and satisfaction that you deserve. You are a dedicated and hardworking person and you shall be well appreciated for this in the times ahead. The 28th of March this year was a good time for you and it does seem that the interview you gave should have gone well for the most part. However, there is also the malefic influence of the Northern lunar node, Rahu which is why there might be some competition too and it shall be best for you to keep moderate expectations for this job. In order to minimize the malefic influence of the Rahu, it shall be good for you to stay vegetarian on Saturdays and also avoid the use of black clothes. With your efforts, as well as the positive support of the Mercury, it does seem that you do have the prospects to start on a new job in June 2019. If this takes some more time due to any circumstances, then the October of 2019 shall also bring another such an equally favorable time for you to get a job. Your chart shows that you can do well in various sectors but if you can share more about what role or position are you applying for, I can see your affinity with it. Your chart shows you might have had some issues in your career and finances around 2014, 2015 but you shall be able to avoid them in the future ahead. Best of luck, Kajsa!
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